The Survival, Revival and Arrival of The
Next-Gen Developer Workforce

Digital transformation and modernization initiatives in hybrid ecosystems require skilled IT and software developers to build the agile technology.

With the rise of the ‘app economy’, the demand for enterprise applications is rapidly increasing and the digital opportunities to deliver business value are massive. With technology being the primary enabler in modernization, the demand for software developers to power this transformation is huge

As early as 2020, the U.S. may face a high-skilled labor shortage, with a shortfall expected to exceed 625,000 workers.

By 2030, a combined deficit of high-skilled workers in the United States, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore will be 2.6 million workers.

The financial impact of the talent shortage and skills gap could reach $8.5 trillion in lost revenue opportunities by 2030.

To accelerate digital transformation initiatives and reduce the skills gap, companies are increasingly embracing rapid application development platforms.

In this Whitepaper, find out how the Survival, Revival and Arrival of Java Developers will depend on the extent they upskill to stay relevant. Given the right tools such as low-code, rapid application development platforms, Java developers can easily transform to full-stack developers and address the demands of the modern enterprise.

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