Celebrating 25 Years of Java

It takes a second to sow a seed, years to create a forest, and decades to build an ecosystem. Witnessing this evolution is an experience in itself. Many of us have lived through the journey of Java and we continue to witness its evolution.

Billions of devices today are still running on a Java platform. Ever wondered why? 25 years on, Java is still popular and forms the backbone of application development to meet the modern enterprise demands. It is the transformational force in software development over the decades.

In this eBook, explore

  • How Java is shaping the way present and future technology is built.
  • The evolution of Java over the years.
  • Applications of Java and why it is popular.
  • How combining Java programming with low-code can future-proof your application development process.
  • The future of Java in a cloud-native world.

In a future that is uncertain, the new normal is constant change. Reinvention in the way of working has to be smart by combining the old with new technologies. Future-proofing your business would mean creating an IT ecosystem that has a robust foundation.

Find out how Java plays an integral role in this eBook on Celebrating Java@25 – The Everlasting Age of “Write Once, Run Anywhere”.

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