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The Everlasting Age of
“Write Once, Run Anywhere”

With the increasing demand for enterprise applications, development cycles have drastically shortened. While application delivery was acceptable in weeks or months, the turnaround time from ideas to apps has now reduced to days!

There is a sense of urgency to deliver fast and in this rush, you probably would choose any low-code platform, because they all promise to accelerate application development with ease. While the pressure to deliver fast is on, it’s time to pause. It’s time to assess and improve your existing technology, and find new technology solutions that suit your business needs.

Over the years, our customers have asked us many questions before partnering with us. If you want to evaluate low-code platforms at a granular level, here are a few questions that would be good to ask. Watch this Webinar to get all the answers:

  • Is the platform easy to use and learn to build web UI or mobile applications?
  • Does the platform support a ‘real code-behind’ strategy? Is the code generated readable and modifiable? Does it allow for interoperability of code changes across IDEs?
  • Does the platform support an open standards-based technology stack?
  • Does the technology stack and architecture of the platform support compliance requirements and existing business components?
  • Does the platform help to build scalable applications to cater to growing use cases?
  • Does the platform have architectural best practices in place that include enterprise-grade security in the app development cycle?

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