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Telco’s Partner Management System

This is about a niche telecom consulting, business intelligence and technology solutions provider with an exclusive focus on the IT & Telecommunications industry. Their team has decades of international experience in the IT & telecom industry. Each of them have previously worked with the business or within the business of large telecom companies. Partner Management System was requiring a new interface for customers and Telcos to access their data. WaveMaker was adopted to improve and upgrade the system with quick turn around time


Continuous feedback was being exchanged as the functionality was developed as demoed to various stakeholders. Role based data control where admin user had access to all the Telco and Customer data. Telco user had access to only their Customer data. Customers have access to only their data. The password got expired every 24 hours and the user was forced on change the password on login. Admin user had provision to select multiple Work Orders and update the Approval and Fulfilment Status. Provision for Admin user to upload Partner Transactions using a delimiter separated file. Rich Dashboard reports provided complete overview of the system and actions that required Admin user’s attention to Exhaustive drill down reports.



The existing partner management application is used by telecom companies to provide management of their customer billing of partner products.

A summary of the key system functionality

  • Providing a flexible way of managing partners, products and orders.
  • Order generation which defines the relationship between the telco. partner and customer.
  • Rich dashboard for various reports


  • Recent activities awaiting action (New product.Customer pricing, failed order)
  • Feeds and notifications in the dashboard
  • Role-based access for various pages /functionalities
  • Password expiry every 2 months along with password reset facility
  • Ability to create, modify a new product, Its pricing and revenue share.


With the new system, the various types of users (Telco and Partner users) were able to control the customer users easily Simplified product management,
Streamlined and connected information, measurable and upfront results are some of the major changes made.

A rich dashboard provides with the right amount of content at the right time. With the use of WaveMaker. we were able to deliver the project with quick turnaround time of a month.

“Partner Management System was requiring a new interface for customers and Telcos to access their data. WaveMaker was adopted to improve and upgrade the system with quick turnaround time.”


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