Case Study

Legacy to modern at half
the cost and time

For a company to produce oil and natural gas responsibly, they depend a lot on their team of explorers gathering data from the field. The accuracy of this data helps to evaluate opportunities to meet energy demands.

The Pioneer Natural Resources, an $8 billion independent exploration and production company, has operations in the United States, South Africa and Tunisia. Their team of geologists depended on Pioneer’s submittal applications for data evaluation. This application was built on legacy system which required specialized skills, and of the two, only one application had an offline capability.

Download this case study to read about how WaveMaker:

  • Helped create a new Pioneer Submittals application using Agile software development methodology
  • Improved business communication ensuring higher productivity
  • Built a visually appealing user interface that met Pioneer’s requested look and feel

The new application was created at less than 50% the cost and time of the original development project.

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