Case Study

Enabling Retail Store Managers to Deliver
Personalized Customer Experience

In the retail industry, providing a personalized customer experience is a significant differentiator. As the modern, digital customer is more informed, store managers need to keep up, to cater to specific requirements and product needs.

A big furniture and mattress company in the United States has retail sales stores where a significant part of its customer traffic are moving to online channels.

They needed to enable store managers provide a personalized shopping experience by developing an  appointment scheduling application for customers when they visited the website.

With the aim of empowering their physical store workforce, they chose the WaveMaker Platform to develop an application that could save time and cost, and enhance customer experience.

Download this Case Study to find out how WaveMaker:

  • Helped to create an online appointment scheduler for customers using WaveMaker RAD platform.
  • Enabled Store Managers deliver a personalized experience by helping to create a WaveMaker-built calendar.
  • Eased Integration with Google Calendar APIs using OAuth connectors, to keep track of events and deliver notifications to customers and store managers.
  • Saved cost and time, by ensuring the app was delivered in less than 6 weeks, saving more than 40% in time and almost 50% in cost.

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