Case Study

Modernizing Oracle Forms apps without data loss

A large textile manufacturer in South Asia, which specializes in the design and production of garments, and supplies to global clothing brands and high-street fashion retailers.


The client was using an Order Management System built using Oracle Forms and Reports. The System was developed and continuously enhanced for the last 20 years. While it met the functional requirements, it was difficult to use and required specialized skills to maintain. The System also could not keep up with modern day requirements around mobile workforce support, rapid changes as per business needs, and low cost of
maintenance. The existing technology was outdated as well. Thus, the business was looking to invest in future proofing the technology. However, the existing application had business assets that spanned two decades. These assets were important and needed to be reused in the new platform. This included business logic and application specific data.

WaveMaker value-adds

With WaveMaker, the client was able to modernize their existing forms and report application. The new application built addressed the existing
challenges and helped deliver a future-proof architecture that would allow the client to scale and meet business demand for the next decade.

Modern UI and usability

WaveMaker helped create good looking UI and enhanced usability of the application. The application supported multiple form factors including desktop, mobile, and tablet interfaces due to its responsive design. Additionally, the pages were created with a high density of information architecture, as dictated by the end users of the application. Using WaveMaker Themes, the look and feel of the UI was customized as per corporate standards.

Rapid development using drag & drop approach

Using WaveMaker’s WYSIWYG interface, the entire application — including UI and its integration — was developed using visual drag and drop. As a result, the overall effort to develop the UI got drastically reduced and simplified. This, in turn, reduced the
time to market.

Integration to existing database logic and application data

Using WaveMaker, all existing database logic and data were reused and integrated with the new application without any complexity. This resulted in seamless reuse and faster development.

Full lifecycle deployment and management

WaveMaker helped the client incorporate best practices around container technology. By enabling quick setup and automated deployment of the developed application across various stages (dev, stage, prod, etc.), app delivery became error-free and efficient. Furthermore, containerization helped the client to move applications to any hybrid or multi-cloud environment of their choice.

Functional widgets as per existing application

The existing application had complex validation and UI logic that needed to be incorporated in the order management application. Using WaveMaker’s custom widgets capability, the application was able to incorporate functional logic within the pages. This, in turn, resulted in enhanced usability for the end users.

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