Case Study

Modernizing a Microsoft app stack using WaveMaker

The client operated on Microsoft stack and had multiple internal and external .NET apps that were developed as an integrated system and are not web based. Usage of earlier technologies like Silverlight, which aren’t supported by browsers today, restricted the ease of transformation to a web based system. They were data driven and had an internal audit team that exposed data as web services but due to government restrictions they had to keep their infrastructure in-house. The client was open to use Java and wanted to rebuild most of their applications.

WaveMaker was their choice of low-code platform as it is extensible (availability of clean readable code) and has novendor lock-in. With WaveMaker security is baked in; it saves costs, and promotes efficient development.


DATABASE – Legacy app databases were not fully leveraging RDBMS features, they used stored procedures to perform business logic. using WaveMaker, we seamlessly imported this database, mapped it, and reused business logic inside stored procedures. We also customized additional workflows.

API – Duplication of common services by multiple applications made them process  heavy and slow. A wrapper function (API) was created for all common services and workflows (like login, password reset, logout, forgot password, email notification etc.). To ensure robust security these APIs were made private and additionally, calls to them were intercepted to filter out sensitive user data.

INTERFACE – To create a consistent look and feel for all applications, a common visual framework was developed, which included responsive layouts, page templates, wid- gets, and design patterns.


The database, API, and the interface together formed the core application shell. By leveraging this shell, the client can rapidly develop any applications in the future. With this shell as our base, and using the drag-and-drop visual low-code development environment of VVaveMaker, we were able to transition the client’s .NET-based applications into a Java-based system at a rapid pace without compromising on application design, control, and security.

The low-code approach using WaveMaker, helped set the base for client’s accelerated app transformation in the future. As we continuously engage with them, the approach shows potential to deliver larger business outcomes in the future.


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