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Make Oracle Forms Apps limitless
with Low-Code

Oracle Forms applications are proprietary and only run in the Oracle database, many enterprises are looking for standards-based alternatives to modernize their oracle forms to a modern app architecture.

Using legacy oracle forms apps are having enterprises faced with a dilemma, whether they should continue to use an older technology that is close to its end of life or migrate to a modern technology that would enable them to onboard newer technologies on the horizon.

Open low-code platforms, to a large extent, aims to address the pain points of enterprises trying to modernize legacy oracle forms-based applications. With such platforms, businesses can be sure of better adoption amongst developers and thereby ensure a faster release cycle of quality applications without straining IT budget.

Download this whitepaper to find out:

  • The broad challenges faced by enterprises running legacy oracle forms apps.
  • Why it is important to transition from legacy technology quickly.
  • How low-code platforms can create a path towards modernizing existing oracle forms apps and also futureproofing them
  • Approaching an oracle forms modernization with the WaveMaker low-code platform
  • Use case

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