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Personalizing customer experience through apps

A big furniture and mattress company based out of the United States had a unique business model in which they have total control over the merchandise right from the manufacturing stage to the retail sales stores. A significant part of its customer traffic was moving to online channels. A personalized customer experience was becoming the only differentiator for the physical stores. The company wanted its physical store workforce to be geared up to deliver the personalized experience.


Some of the major challenges they faced  were :

New-age Digital Consumers

The new-age customer was gathering product information online. Store managers were not much informed about the needs of the customer, who walked into the store,with specific requirements and product needs. A personalized shopping experience was the need of the hour for Store Managers of this mattress company

Quickly materializing an app against all odds

Appointment scheduling had to be presented to customers when they visited the website –a monolithic artifact built with legacy technologies. Technical resources were in short supply, especially web developers dealing with legacy technology. This delayed application delivery and pushed up integration-costs.


After evaluating other alternatives, this Mattress company chose WaveMaker Platform to develop an application that could save time and cost and also enhance customer experience.

RAD Platform for responsive apps

The online appointment scheduler for customers was built using WaveMaker RAD platform. Store Managers used a WaveMaker-built calendar embedded inside a SpotCues TM application container.  WaveMaker’s low code platform helped to prototype, iterate and completed the appointment scheduler in a very short span of time.

Ease of Integration-based development

OAuth connectors eased integration with Google Calendar APIs, to keep track of events and deliver notifications to customers and store managers. Integration was done with the mattress website to automatically pass the store details to the booking application with minimal coding effort and with a very small team of developers.


Using WaveMaker Platform, the mattress company was able to 

Save Cost and Time

App delivered in less than 6 weeks, saving more than 40% in time and almost 50% in cost. Ongoing maintenance and iterations are much faster using out-of-the-box widgets and connectors.

SpotCues advantage

The calendar app did not have to be published to app stores. It also offered geo-fencing to tap into local area customers in and around a
particular store.

Provide Personalized Customer experience

Store Managers are available and well appointments each equipped to offer a personal experience for their customers. The rollout of appointments solution has resulted in dozens of new appointments each.

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