Modernization with
maximum success


Enterprise IT is seeing 27% more projects in 2018 but less than 10% more in budget. The pressure on enterprise IT to do more with less continues. This plays into the current wave of modernization too, redoing legacy apps as well as building new ones.

Today’s RAD platforms offer a perfect solution to this challenge. They enable reuse of legacy functions, integrations and scripts to quickly develop and deliver responsive apps. RAD also brings LoB developers into mainstream, as they assemble new apps to meet situational or tactical needs.

Watch the recording to learn how the use of RAD platforms can help enterprise IT strike a balance between transforming old apps and creating new apps without rising IT costs. Also learn how RAD platforms accelerate app development/ delivery, and how they can help you achieve ROI in days.


  • Layers of IT modernization
  • An integrated approach to modernization
  • Platform + Service approach to modernization
  • Low-code approach for app modernization
  • DevOps automation for app delivery
  • Modernization in action – client stories

Vinay Murthy

Vice President at WaveMaker, Inc. Earlier in his career, he was co-founder of two startup companies in Silicon Valley and has worked in Product and Partnership leadership roles at Google and YouTube.