Kubernetes is only half the story

Is your app delivery pipeline ready?



Enterprises are striving to utilize infra better and achieve faster delivery for its applications. Containers provide a promising solution but without a sustainable way to containerize apps it’s only a mad rush.

Delivering apps as containers has challenges. For a start it requires an app delivery workflow that’s unlike VMs and there are other considerations like complexity in learning, building images at scale and delivering to container runtimes.

In this webinar we discussed why existing tooling is insufficient to deliver apps as containers, why should it be automated and why it’s a prerequisite for successful Kubernetes adoption. We also showcased how WaveMaker HyScale offers a solution and significant benefits that it delivers.


Elements for successful container adoption within enterprise

Why containerized app delivery needs a new approach

Repurposing vs. modern DevOps

Key aspects to look for in containerized CD

Demo of WaveMaker HyScale



Mayur Shah

Director platform marketing
& advisory


Anoop Balakuntalam

Director of engineering