Case Study

Reducing turnaround time of genetic testing
from 3 days to a couple of hours

In customer facing situation, organizations find it hard to customize the packaged software that ISVs provide. The requirement may vary for different groups in the same company and in that case,  no single change or set of changes works for everybody.

KANA Software is a leading customer service ISV with over 600 companies worldwide deploying its product, including half of the Fortune 50. KANA wanted to give its customers a way to quickly and easily tailor the KANA applications to fit their needs. Many of these customers offer multiple lines of business, each with its own process of customer interaction. Customizing software for each of these processes is difficult and expensive.

KANA wanted to find a solution to this and turned to WaveMaker to significantly reduce the time required to configure and customize typical customer service solutions.

Download this case study to know:

  • Why KANA chose WaveMaker and WebSphere for its built-in development environment
  • How WaveMaker reduced their customization cost
  • KANA was able to integrate the WaveMaker technology seamlessly into its product
  • What advantages ISVs can obtain from the combination of WaveMaker and WebSphere

By selecting WaveMaker, KANA expects to reduce the cost and time of UI customization by 75%

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