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Imagine you need to map every tree in 440,000 hectares of land in remote areas of Liberia. A few years ago you would think this was impossible. In the 21st century, technology is rapidly advancing to improve sustainable forest management.

Using a cloud-based portal centrally maintained by the department of forestry, each tree and hectare in Liberia is identified using unique barcodes, from which 3 to 5 fully grown trees are selected for logging.

Natural Resources Development S.A. (NRD),  a Lichtenstein based company specializes in sustainable forest management and is the chosen body in the EU that works with Liberia to curb illegal logging in the country. Through a strategic partnership with Vanenburg software – a WaveMaker certified premier EU partner headquartered in the Netherlands, they are looking to digitize all their sustainable forest management activities. NRD needed a mobile solution for their field officers in the remote parts of Liberia to tag each tree and support offline capability to later sync with a cloud-based portal. The system would also provide confirmation on the logging permits of the governing body to ensure chain of custody and transparency in the process.

Download this Case Study to find out how Vanenburg software used WaveMaker to build a mobile application for NRD. 

Find out how WaveMaker:

  • Helped build a data-driven application for NRD that allowed seamless offline-online syncing providing easy access to information.
  • Offered HTML5-based UI themes and widgets with an easy to use interface that could be operated by the field officers on any smart mobile device.
  • Enabled real-time tracking to allow NRD to track, control and manage sustainable forest operations instantly.

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