Case Study

Reducing turnaround time of genetic testing from 3 days to a couple of hours

In the healthcare industry, technology adoption is slower than other sectors. The availability of patient health data is a critical asset that health information companies want to leverage to gain an advantage.

In one of the modern genetic testing labs in North America, a team of research scientists, doctors, bioinformaticians and lab specialists work on genome-based diagnostics. They wanted to modernize the legacy software that supports lab operations and impacts lab research outcomes in order to leverage patient health data and gain a competitive edge. The challenge was to build a custom application without development delays and high costs while providing unhindered control and access to the research data.

Download this Case Study to find out how WaveMaker:

  • Modernized Lab Information Management software (LIS) to a modern Java/Angular application and a web-based software.
  • Enabled data lake creation by building two separate platforms, the Central GetData Platform and the Oncology Suite.
  • Automated almost every step in the lifecycle of the DNA test.
  • Accelerated application development and simplified integration with external systems.

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