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Partners are critical for us to succeed in the enterprise markets. The WaveMaker Systems Integration Partner Program (WASP) is designed to help system integrators effectively use low code in their enterprise software projects. Partners get privileged access to the platform, bulk license packs, technical support, training, and consulting assistance.

Partner onboarding

WASP partners build applications on proven industry standards and confidently commit to tight delivery timelines, while continuously delivering innovative solutions. Our goal is to be the reliable low code platform that enterprises use for accelerating their digital transformation journey.


Review the WASP program details on this page before completing a simple online form to apply for a systems integrator partnership.


Information provided by you will be reviewed and if your organization qualifies, a WaveMaker customer success manager will contact you with the WaveMaker Systems Integration Partner Agreement.


Read the Agreement carefully, sign and return it to WaveMaker. Your customer success manager will be glad to answer queries, if you have any.


WaveMaker customer success manager will invite you to arrange an onboarding call with stakeholders from both sides. The manager will also help you update the WASP partner profile with information that will help in meaningful collaboration.


Announce partnership via press release and digital media. Update websites with partner logo.

Sales & pre-sales

WaveMaker supports partners in their pursuit of key opportunities by providing product collateral and advice through the pre-sales and sales cycle. With the help of WaveMaker technical marketing team, partners can create demos and PoCs to test new solution ideas.

From time to time, we host partner engagements to brief each other on technology trends and customer stories. We also conduct Early Bird sessions, giving our partners a sneak peek at the low-code platform roadmap.

Together, these widen the scenarios in which WaveMaker and its partners can seek new opportunities and build more innovative solutions.

Platform licensing

Our licensing model is ideal for system integration partners who are executing software projects for customers. WaveMaker licenses are based on the number of developer seats. It does not consider the number of applications, number of end users, or complexity of the applications. In other words, it is designed for hassle-free scaling.

Developer seat licensing also means it is easy to estimate costs, and simple for customers to understand what they are paying for. WaveMaker licensing is designed to help our partners to not just scale their low code practice, but also offer higher value to their customers.

WaveMaker licenses can be bought in the following ways:


Bulk licenses for WASP partners who either have a thriving low code practice with customers or are building a low code practice. These licenses are handy in training developer teams, building demos, and executing customer projects.


Licenses used for executing a customer project can be transferred to the customer at the end of the project; or the licenses may be directly purchased by the customer. When the project ends, the customer keeps the licenses.

Technical support & training

WASP partners have access to training material and programs that are designed for sales and development teams. Partners can access online material on various technical topics and demos. Highly experienced pre-sales and technical staff from WaveMaker, if available, can provide training on specialized product topics, solutioning techniques, and pre-sales aspects.

All WaveMaker enterprise customers and partner teams receive standard technical support over email. Support packages can be purchased separately based on specific customer requirements.

Become a partner

Sign up as a systems integrator partner with WaveMaker and start infusing low code into your customer projects. Get discounts on license, with support and training benefits.

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Access the partner portal to view your account details, get updates on new developments in the product and industry, access sales and marketing resources, and offers.

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