One app for all your apps

A unified endpoint for all your enterprise apps.

How OnePoint can help

Re-purpose any existing HTML5 (or) Hybrid app as MicroApps and instantly deploy them within a single native container app. Do away with constant upgrades by dynamically pushing app upgrades.

Dynamic feeds
Deliver information to stakeholders via feeds that encourage social actions like discussions, recommendations, and likes. Ensure instant availability of information via guided interaction with bots made using any popular bot framework.

Instant messaging
Enable enterprise wide collaboration with a secure instant messaging channel that supports both 1:1 and group messaging.

Remote revocation and data wipe to selectively revoke access to employees including remote wiping of data.

Traffic & Data Encryption. OnePoint uses 256-bit AES, supports TLS 1.2 to enable secured communication between devices.

One app for all
Expose all your apps into one unified endpoint. The master container app can be made biometrically secured and context-aware, eliminating the need for manual downloads and installs.

Manage centrally using the admin console. Go live as one unified endpoint

With an open architecture, OnePoint can readily plug to most enterprise systems of records (ERP) and systems of engagement (CRM) to easily integrate your digital touchpoints into one unified endpoint

How OnePoint works

Using a hybrid app development approach, reusable code, and common templates, OnePoint can help you instantly deploy and distribute new apps/features to your users. In addition, there are security, authentication, regulatory, and compliance related requirements that can be centrally managed. OnePoint also provides a cloud-based ‘private app store’ that is used to manage and provision apps continuously. This is useful for business process innovation and creating fresh business value.

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