Aug 09

Asset Management App


This document provides step by step instructions for building Asset Management Application using WaveMaker Rapid Application Development Platform

Pre-Requisite: You are advised to understand the WaveMaker App Development Essentials before starting to build the app.

The following concepts are covered in building this application.

  1. Creating Basic Application
  2. Building the UI – Layouts, Templates and Widgets
  3. Importing an SQL Database
  4. Creating Variables to access database
  5. Creating Variables to access queries
  6. Binding
  7. Securing the App
  8. Running the App
  9. Deploying the App


App Overview


First Steps – Page Creation, Page Navigation, Create Database

SQL File for Database Import: Download and extract the zip file for use in this step:


Building Pages – Browse Catalog, View Device Inventory & Review Requests


Securing App


Workflows – Request Device & Assign Devices

Queries needed in this step:

  1. ReduceQuantityPostAssignment:


Dashboard using Charts

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