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Complete App Solutions using features of WaveMaker
Leave Management App

Leave Management App is a web responsive app dealing with the sample database. It allows the employees of a company to manage their leaves. The employee can apply for leave and view his/her leave record. Manager of the employees can approve or reject the leaves applied.

Apart from leave management, the app has the provision to view one’s profile. Managers can, in addition, view the list of all employees.

Asset Management App fulfils the need of the corporates in procuring and assigning the assets for the employees based on their requirement.

Every organization provides various assets to their employees. This application maintains an inventory of the assets provided to the employees and keeps track of the requests made for assets from various employees of the organization and assigns them accordingly. This application has two  roles (User and Admin). Based on the roles, users will be to access specific pages. A Catalog of Assets is available for employees with user role to place their requests. The IT user who has the admin role will review the inventory and assign the assets to various employees. The Employees will be able to see the assignments made by the admin user. Assignments made Department wise will be available to Admin. A Dashboard will show the requests and assignments of devices made department wise and also assets wise.

Asset Management App
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