Dec 08

 Mobile Build – Manual

The Build process for a mobile application can be performed through Automated Build process where you can generate .apk (Android application package) or .ipa file (iOS App Store package). Another way is to download Cordova/PhoneGap compatible .zip files to build systems manually for Android/iOS platforms.

WaveMaker Studio supports you to build mobile applications in the following ways:

  • Build for Android: Through this build, you can generate APK files which can be signed and hosted on PlayStore.
  • Send to PhoneGap: Through this build, it provides you a complete package of building both apk/ipa files for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Manual Build: Through this build, you can generate or download a .zip file which can be further developed to be hosted on any mobile platform.

Manual Build – Cordova zip

If you want to customize build process you can issue Cordova/PhoneGap commands seamlessly for building artifacts.

To perform a Cordova Build, from the Main Menu of the Project Workspace, under Export option select Download as Cordova Zip. It opens the Build Cordova Zip window.

Before clicking on Save/Build, you need to set the build properties: Refer to the properties section of Android Build and iOS  Build.

To save the properties for future builds,  click Save. Click on Build to download the zip file.

  1. Ensure that Cordova@8.0.0 is setup on your machine, see here for details.
  2. Extract the zip contents (say, CORDOVA_PROJECT folder)
  3. In the terminal, go to CORDOVA_PROJECT (where the file was extracted to) directory and run the following commands:
    • For Android:

      The above command will add Android Platform to your project structure and also install all plugins that you specified in config.xml.

      Once the build completes you can find the debug version of .apk in your platform/android/build/outputs/apk folder.

      • For publishing to Play store
        • You need a Keystore for signing your apk if you do not have the Keystore create one following these instructions.
        • In CORDOVA_PROJECT/platforms/android folder, create a file named “” with following details:
        • Run the following command
    • For iOS
      Run the following commands in your Mac:

      This will produce the .ipa file and you can install it on your iOS device using iTunes or XCode.

      • In XCode, go to Windows → Devices then add your .ipa file to the device. Open the project in Xcode and run the following command:
      • Using Xcode, one can run the project in emulators or create a .ipa file to publish. See here for more details.
      • To install the app on an iPhone, connect a device to the MacBook with USB cable.
      • Select that device in Xcode and click on run button. This will install the app on the device.


If you have PhoneGap installed in your system, it can allow both Cordova and PhoneGap commands to build apps.

For eg: You can issue PhoneGap commands like below:

Or you can safely issue Cordova commands as well.

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