Jun 11

Support for Inserting Parent and Child Records in a Single Transaction Issue

There is a known issue related to inserting the parent and child records in a single transaction with the versions 10.0.2 and 10.0.3. To avoid any conflicts, we have explicitly included the “org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator” file for cascading support. This can be found directly under “src/main/resources/META-INF/services/org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator” rather than loading it from the library as it was done earlier.

To resolve the issue, follow the steps below.

  1. In the ‘File Explorer’, search for the file ‘org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator‘ and download it. You can locate the file in the following path:
  2. Delete the file ‘org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator‘ from the following path:
  3. Add the file ‘org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator‘ under the services folder to the following location.


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