Dec 02


WaveMaker makes building web/mobile applications easy. It can be used by a RAD Developer with a basic skillset or by a professional UI developer with advanced skills. Below is a brief outline of the prerequisites necessary for building apps using WaveMaker.

Skill Basic RAD Developer Advanced App Developer
UI Fundamentals Web Semantics, UI Widgets, Forms HTML, Single Page Apps, AJAX, Form Post, etc.
JavaScript Syntax & Scripting Angular 6x, DOM & Event handling, scope, etc.
CSS Basic understanding of DOM element attributes (class or id) Bootstrap, CSS3, CSS overrides, etc.
Database Understanding Schema &SQL syntax Complex SQL queries, joins, relationships, ORM, procedures, etc.
Java Java syntax, class, methods and Annotations Object-oriented concepts, Class loading, Maven, Spring & Hibernate
API REST API basics REST, SOAP, OAuth, & API Security etc.

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