Apr 17

Building a War from a WaveMaker Project

This guide helps to create a war file for deploying the project in your local machine or a web server like Apache Tomcat.

System prerequisites:

  1. Java (version 1.8)
  2. Node (version 10.12.0)
  3. mvn (version 3.3.0)

Generating a War file

  • Step-1: Export the project as zip.

  • Step-2: Extract the downloaded zip file.
  • Step-3: Get the project location path.
  • Step-4: In the command line, type the following command. See the image below:

  • Step-5: Run the following command where <profileName> should either be development or deployment.

Note-1: Wavemaker project has two default profiles, which are development and deployment. Prefix the profile name with a P. If you do not prefix the profile name; the system selects a development profile by default. You can add Custom Profiles from the Config Profiles section in the Project Settings options. To locate the existing profiles’ path, go to Step-7.

  • Step-6: In the project folder, a new folder called target generates automatically with the project war file in it.

Note-2: The Step-6 happens on successful build completion. On build failure due to the out-of-memory error, the profile property called build.ui.node.args should be adjusted; this configures the build. Increase the max-old-space-size memory value where the default value is 512 MB. The build should be triggered again after increasing the memory value. To do this, do the following steps:

  • Step-7: Go to the project folder -> profiles -> open the file <profilename.properties>. As shown in the image below:

  • Step-8: Adjust the value of build.ui.node.args. See the image below:

  • Step-9: Re-do the steps 5 and 6.

From WaveMaker 10.0, you can deploy your app with new build options. For more information, see Build Options for Deployment.

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