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  • Containerize
  • Deploy
  • Scale
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The platform allows you to use existing shell scripts to setup and configure your application stack, while automatically generating Docker images for your application services.



Easily provision, configure, and deploy your apps in multiple environments with 1-Click, while maintaining control of new versions of your apps using blue-green or in-place deployment mechanisms.



Setup automatic & manual policies for Auto Scaling / Healing of container environments, and Migrate apps easily from on-premise to cloud environments for reduced CapEx and increased scalability.



The platform’s unique Hibernation & Passivation algorithm for containers results in high resource utilization and lowering TCO by at least 60% in running your apps.

What HyScale Does For Your Enterprise?

Automatic Container Creation
For Your Apps

No Docker Skills Required
Simpler Than Kubernetes

Self Service DevOps

CI/ CD for Container Applications

Multi-Cloud App deployments

Enable Micro Services Based Deployments

Why Choose WaveMaker Hyscale?

Product Goal

Faster time to market using Rapid Application Delivery

Custom App Flexibility

Complete freedom in defining your app stack, services, configuration, and versioning

Docker Skill Requirement

Automates Docker images for your application without your teams being Docker Experts

Disruption to Developers & IT

Minimal Disruption to Developers & IT teams, can continue with existing processes and tooling

Orchestration Layer

Simple setup and maintenance as it is designed for enterprise-grade app workloads at few thousands of containers

Containerization | Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions for Enterprise Application Delivery

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Containerization That Works For Everyone


“Containerize my Custom app using existing artifacts, scripts without Docker knowledge requirement”


“Enable  CI/CD for Containerize apps, with Orchestration and Scaling. I want to focus on app delivery and not on aspects of Containerization.”


“Enable hybrid deployments with higher resource Utilization.”


“WaveMaker’s usage of Docker Containers for deployment brings unprecedented simplicity to application delivery for most any enterprise, perhaps saving countless hours spent on manually deploying web applications using traditional methods”
Frank OhlhorstJournalist, Editor
“We are always looking at simpler ways to host and manage our applications without having to worry about operational issues. I believe WaveMaker HyScale provides us this capability.”
Francisco GonçalvesSofteLabs
“WaveMaker HyScale is a perfect companion of WaveMaker Studio. WaveMaker HyScale allows Developers and Companies to deploy J2EE applications to a robust infrastructure without having to worry about operational issues.”
José-Luis Preza-Dí

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