WaveMaker Hackathons


First ever Hackathon for Business professionals


Hackathon for Java Developers – Apps World


Hack-Una-Matata: WaveMaker Hackathon


Get your Hack On:  Hackathon 1.0


Hacker’s Voice

“One of our developer was doing a seperate project for a different hackathon. And he couldn’t finish. He didn’t have the time. And he said –I should’ve just built it in WaveMaker.“- Carmelo Colon, Marketing and Sales
“It was very good. WaveMaker made things a lot easier. What I was able to build in less than 24 hours was something that I couldn’t have imagined. So, I was very impressed with it.”- Nick Perez, Full Stack Web Developer
“I’m actually very surprised but very happy. We are not technical guys. So, it is a great accomplishment.”- Jeff Reiss, Operations and Supply Chain
“Engineers are always doing these (hackathons) things. It’s going to funny to be able to go back and tell them – Hey, we won a hackathon!“- Carmelo Colon, Marketing and Sales

Photos and Videos

Winning Apps


The Wavemaker Movie Database (WMMDB) is an experimental project to implement an IMDB clone using WaveMaker and themoviedb APIs. This project was built in under 2 days as part of the WaveMaker ‘Hack-una Matata’ Hackathon

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A web app about water conservation and individual consumption awareness. It calculates the exact dollar amount that water costs us and provides conservation tips along with social media integration, email reminders/alerts, and a weekly challenge. This app was built in under 2 days as part of the WaveMaker Apps World Hackathon.

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