Enterprise Mobility

Extend business systems for the digital era

Consumerization of mobility is forcing core enterprise applications to be intuitive, secure and context sensitive. Build once and optimize UX across touch-points is the norm. But with ever growing number of touch-points, how can enterprises keep up?

Business is anytime, anywhere.
Why should business systems be any different?

Extend business systems to be where its users are

Transform system of records into a modern app experience

Design once and run across any OS and screen ecosystem

Get context aware and empower specific actions using MicroApps

Delivering personalised customer experience in 6 weeks

How to eliminate silos in large organizations

Empower citizen developers inside your enterprise

Extend core business systems

WaveMaker OnePoint is a platform led mobility service that focuses on three specific enterprise application areas – integration, acceleration and delivery. OnePoint is a balanced approach – While the platform helps kick-start, manage and scale mobility initiatives autonomously, the technology service constantly supports such initiatives with the ideal resource backing that it needs.

Enterprise mobility services

Back-end integration

  • Expose any data/ business logic as APIs for usage in mobile apps
  • Automate back-end integration with pre-built connectors and APIs.
  • Auto create back-end schema or create one from scratch.

Application acceleration

  • Develop line of business apps using prefabs and widgets
  • Access device native capabilities without navigating the underlying complexities
  • Standardise UI once and run it across all app initiatives
  • Pack design library and common services as an ‘app core’ to be reused across projects

Application delivery

  • Enable offline data access and synchronization
  • Optimize apps for different devices
  • Package apps for Google, Apple and Windows app stores
  • Deliver cross-platform mobile apps using one single app and shared code base
  • Develop an internal app marketplace

Enterprise Mobility Platform – OnePoint


Re-purpose any existing HTML5 (or) Hybrid app as MicroApps and instantly deploy them within a single native container app.

Dynamic feeds

Deliver information to stakeholders via a pre-built feed infrastructure that encourage social actions like discussions, recommendations, and likes.

Instant messaging

Enable enterprise wide collaboration with a secure instant messaging channel that supports both 1:1 and group messaging.


Remote revocation and data wipe to selectively revoke access to employees including remote wiping of data.


OnePoint uses 256-bit AES, supports TLS 1.2 to enable secured communication between devices.

One unified endpoint

Expose all your apps into one master container app that can be biometrically secure and context-aware.

Solutions for a connected enterprise

Do more with Wavemaker OnePoint. By connecting enterprise stakeholders with business critical systems in real time, WaveMaker OnePoint increases operational productivity.

Connected business suite

The Connected business suite is a pre-built, cloud-based solution with advanced functionality available from day 1. It is a full service, end to end solution for building, supporting and managing all your connected enterprise needs.

  • Scales with program growth
  • Integrates with all key HR, operations and marketing systems with an open architecture
  • Provides rich out-of-the box analytics, dashboard and reporting
Dashboards and analytics hub

Real-time analytics and dashboard to connect enterprise stakeholders with key business resources

  • Manage access and provisioning from a simple to use dashboard
  • Real-time analytics to show key employee trends and hot button issues
  • Flexible app framework that enables stakeholders to launch new initiatives
  • Configure Bots, publish stories and moderate content
  • Integrates with all enterprise SSO systems to ensure consistent experience

Enterprise mobile application development

With every Enterprise adopting a Mobile first initiative to Application Development, the need for quick rapid mobile application development is greater than ever. Having said that, the methods, tools and development technologies used for mobile app development within Enterprises over the past few years, don’t match the expectations of easier and faster delivery of Mobile Applications.

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