July 16, 2019

Use Low-code platforms to empower java development teams

"By 2022, skills required to perform most jobs will have shifted significantly and no less than 54% of all employees will require significant upskilling", according to the World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs 2018 Report.

Not all Java development teams have upskilled to stay relevant. Java developers, once valued, are finding themselves challenged and in a way, dispensable. New programming languages, development tools, and delivery platforms are being introduced every week.

Modern enterprises need to innovate and deliver faster in order to remain competitive. With all the buzz around multi-channel delivery, ultra-rapid development cycles, fab front-ends, microservices, and cloud nativity, traditional Java development teams need to learn new skills, new vocabulary, and adopt new approaches to enterprise app development. The skills mismatch combined with rapid delivery demands has put immense pressure on Java development teams.

Here’s how existing Java development teams can become full-stack developers using low-code, rapid application development platforms.

Let Low-Code Platforms Do All the Heavy Lifting

What normally requires 10 developers can be done with 4

Traditional Java development teams require developers with specific skill sets at different stages in the application development lifecycle. To simplify the application development process and to address the shortage of skilled developers, here's how rapid application development platforms help:

  • Build smaller, agile teams - Using rapid application development tools, an application development project which typically requires around 10 different types of developers can now be completed with just 4 developers. Java development teams can transform to full-stack developers using low-code platforms, therefore reducing the dependency on different types of developers with specialized skills.
  • Encourage upskilling  - Developers can learn and gain experience in full-stack development by using rapid application development platforms, which provide exposure to various types of technologies, frameworks, tools, and languages. Here’s a glimpse of how developers can upskill to become full-stack developers using a low-code platform:
  • Empower developers to deliver more  - Rapid app development platforms do all the heavy lifting by handling tedious and time-consuming tasks. Therefore, giving the bandwidth for developers to focus on analytical thinking and innovation.

Embracing new technology need not necessarily mean a radical transformation. It is about upgrading existing skills to keep up with changes in the industry. Find out how the ‘Survival, Revival and Arrival of Java Developers’ will depend on how they can upskill to full-stack developers using the right tools such as rapid application development platforms. Download this Whitepaper