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How HyScale can help?

IT budgets are usually spent to protect current revenue or to generate new revenue. People understand the value of containers for in-house software development, but the value also extends to IT infrastructure, where most of the IT budget is spent. The business problem is about doing more with less. In particular, it’s doing more with the following three resources: capital budgets, people, and change budgets. HyScale automates containerisation and provides a consistent app environment for enterprise developers. This drastically reduces deployment errors and infrastructure needed to run your products.

Try ideas quickly

The best way to deliver top – line revenue is to try out a lot of ideas quickly. In today’s fast-moving world, containers can increase business velocity to deliver customer satisfaction and revenue by enabling quicker delivery of new capabilities, features, and products. Containers help product teams fail faster and cheaper. HyScale automates containerisation and helps product teams in their development efforts.

Focus on code

Containers simplify deployment/upgrades, improving productivity, and improving efficiency by allowing operations to deliver more applications with the same amount of resources. HyScale automates DevOps so that development teams can focus on code instead of worrying about operations.

Make the most of your talent

Architects are constantly looking for new technology to enable new projects and reduce cost for currently deployed applications at the same time. Operations needs to maintain applications that are generating revenue, while trying to enable new applications to be deployed quickly, efficiently — all the time contributing to revenue and creating ROI. This is tough work and companies that cannot ease the situation are at risk of losing top talent and competitive advantage. By facilitating container orchestration and continuous integration/continuous deployment, HyScale can help attract, retain, and leverage top talent.

Make your business agile

Companies today have to constantly accommodate internal and external customer demands. Since containers are self-contained and immutable, what you build is the same thing that gets deployed into the runtime environment. This means developers can make small changes and get them into production more quickly. Also, if there is a failure due to a change, it can be quickly rolled back. By making DevOps continuous and automatic, HyScale helps companies make the most of these resources by enabling a high level of agility in app development. All of this lowers the cost of change and creates a much more competitive business model.

How HyScale works

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The HyScale offering

HyScale audit

Discover and document existing infrastructure and product stack/components of the enterprise. Analyse and map dependencies, stack composition, and runtime deployment configuration.

HyScale platform

Decompose product into individual docker packages.

Containerize each Docker package and provision it as a Docker container.

A single unit application stack deployment to deploy the entire build in one shot. Use existing stack to provision new or existing environments.

Wire all the app dependencies for containers to be orchestrated and deployed in the most optimized manner.

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