Unburden your IT

For business critical apps, update frequency and infra footprint are high. How to be in control?


Move from assembling of deliverables to a self contained deliverable


Emphasize on replace fast and not repair fast


Focus on measurability and not just visibility

Containers offer a solution, but how to leverage?

WaveMaker enables automated and measurable application delivery using containers, eliminating frictions across the app release cycle, from build to provision. With WaveMaker leveraging containerization benefits isn’t complex anymore.

Fully automated creation, and management of container images

In-built scalable runtime for dev/test environments as well as an integration with external container runtime platforms

Visibilitiy across app containerization and container delivery processes

Simple, economical and measurable DevOps

Scale with WaveMaker

Extended services for smart DevOps

Infrastructure cost optimization

Lift & Shift specific services of monolithic apps into container world without disruption

No friction app delivery

Create a container powered DevOps pipeline that auto manages images, configurations and versions

Hybrid infrastructure enablement

Distribute workloads across on-prem and hybrid clouds by assembling, packaging, deploying and scaling microservices based app using containers.

Glass-box DevOps

Create monitorinig and custom dashboards to get complete visibility of your DevOps process.

Provisioning apps on hybrid cloud with a 25% reduction in app delivery time

Our client wanted to streamline the initial provisioning, deployment and the overall release process for its products. The objective was to drastically reduce time to market for their products, while making sure the delivery process is error free, automated and achieved with a very little IT friction.


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