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WaveMaker  allows users to choose from a wide array of deployment options for their applications. WaveMaker offers hosting services like the WaveMaker cloud, virtual private cloud and on premise. Using the latest Docker containerization technology, your enterprise can drive future ideas and strategies using WaveMaker low-code application delivery and deployment .

WaveMaker Cloud

WaveMaker cloud is a multi-tenant hosting environment running on AWS  that acts like a publicly shared virtual resource and is powered by Docker containerization technology. WaveMaker cloud uses lightweight Docker-based containerization model which supports multiple users, enables faster delivery of apps, easier deployment, and ability to run more workloads. This results in lower VM density, faster instance launch and efficient resource utilization.

Key features include,

Auto Recovery  
Quick & easy recovery of applications in case of any interruptions with new application containers  

High Availability
Default High Availability (HA) for all applications, which allows self-service configuration of HA scenarios from simple to most advanced:
-Provision for horizontal scaling

Resource Resizing
Ability to add more computing power to applications,and resizing them instantly

Multi-tenant deployment
As described in the image, user shares the WaveMaker cloud offering and can deploy their applications on individual containers. Suited for users with less confidential data.

Amazon File Storage
Manage AWS S3-based file storage with flexible limits

Application Portability
Port applications seamlessly across public and private cloud

Release Management
Developers can manage applications through three stages of application life cycle. (Development, Stage and Production)


Virtual Private Cloud 

The WaveMaker virtual private cloud is an isolated single tenant hosting platform with a privately shared virtualized resource deployment setup. With the added benefits of Docker containers, you can deploy your applications and make full use of continuous delivery. This setup is more personal and is designed for a cluster of dedicated users (eg. Team of developers from an organization)

Continuous delivery
Traditional continuous delivery requires complex scripts and configuration tools. Despite configuration management tools, the script cycle needs to be repeated at each stage. WaveMaker removes project delivery bottlenecks by providing a consistent app environment, using Docker images, through different stages of the app life cycle. This results in effective agile process and faster app delivery.

Single tenant deployment
Allows the user a personal dedicated instance on the cloud with their own container. They can also run their own controllers. This setup is ideal for users with confidential data.

Release management
Developers can manage and maintain the application life-cycle of up to 4 stages (viz. Development, QA, Stage and Production), providing a flexible release management approach.

Support for AWS and Azure platforms
A user can also choose to deploy their applications to their respective personal AWS or Azure account with a single click from the WaveMaker RAD platform.

On Premise (Inside your firewall)

WaveMaker provides enterprises an on premise setup of WaveMaker platform inside their data-center which lets you to be in complete control of the entire delivery platform – development, hosting and other stages of the releases management (viz. Development,QA,Stage,Production,Custom). This is best suited for large enterprises with highly confidential data.

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