Deliver business insights
with dashboards

Application development teams are spending inordinate amounts of time connecting various systems with the goal of delivering timely insights to the business. But they are unable to keep up with the deluge of data, applications, and devices. Delivering actionable insights will depend on how quickly and easily developers can connect various data sources and build custom dashboards.

Dashboard analytics

Unleash the power
of your data

WaveMaker platform empowers developers to bring data alive with powerful grids, forms, and
interactive charts that stitch together information from multiple sources with just a few clicks.

Compile, import, transform and load your data from multiple data sources for your application

Bind, integrate, customize and represent data with out of the box widgets to suit your use case

Integrate to the existing reporting tools with no disruption

Create sandboxes that can be devised together with custom data prefabs depending on the use case

Dashboard analytics
3i infotech

Find out how 3i Infotech reduced insurance agents training effort by 40% by improving the usability of the software using dashboards and other UX improvements.

Dashboarding and Business Analytics
Applications you can build

Sales, HR, Finance,
Marketing Dashboards

ERP surround applications
that provide Visibility to
ERP Data

Financial Trading

GIS / Mapping


Mash up applications
across Database / APIs

Claims Analytics

Job portal / network


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