Create powerful
custom business apps

Business agility for the digital era depends on the agility of application delivery but IT is reeling from mounting technical debt of yesteryear’s systems. Instead of spending countless person-hours perfecting the fragile patchwork called integration, application development teams need to focus on unlocking the value out of existing enterprise systems and data.

custom business apps

business operations

WaveMaker platform empowers developers to build scalable enterprise-grade,
core business applications that integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Re-use and leverage
existing enterprise assets
and systems

Visual Database designer
that allows the ease of
importing and working
with databases

Platform led auto-generation
and documentation of

Bind, integrate, customize
and update business logic
without writing a single
line of code

Provide granular
security at a widget

Build tertiary apps with
the foundation of your
core app APIs

Custom business applications

Find out how a major bank created modern, simple and easy to use apps fast to simplify complex processes while keeping security and compliance intact.

Core Business Applications
you can build

Manufacturing Factory
Floor Ordering Application

Retail Order Management
and Inventory Management

Health Lab Information
Management Systems

Patient Revenue and Billing
Engagement Application

Agent & Underwriting
Policy Application

Loan Origination Workflow
& Application

Hospital Patient
Monitoring and Medical
Capture Applications

Real Estate
Property Audit


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