Automation for
DevOps teams

If you manage app deployment and infrastructure, HyScale lets you operate at the speeds of development.

Self-service for app owners

If you manage app development programs, HyScale makes IT
tickets irrelevant.

WaveMaker HyScale containerization enabled us to provision and deliver applications on our hybrid cloud and reduced our time to market by 1/4 th- Head of Technology
WaveMaker HyScale helped us automate and containerize the delivery of our micro-services based application and reduce infrastructure costs by 25%- Director DevOps

Containers need a workflow
revolution not evolution

Rehashing existing VM based workflow won’t cut it because container delivery workflow is fundamentally different

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HyScale – Apps as containers, built and
delivered at scale

HyScale enables a container delivery workflow centered around applications not operations. This helps sustain a DevOps culture required for container success.

  • Standardization and reuse

    Standardization and reuse

    of app stacks and services makes
    go-live faster

  • Minimal disruption

    Minimal disruption

    to existing CI/CD pipelines saves 

    set-up time

  • Self Service DevOps

    Self-service DevOps

    democratizes the entire delivery process

  • Automated Containerization

    Automated containerization

    Powers microservices based deployments
    at scale

  • Instant push to Kubernetes

    Instant push to Kubernetes

    lowers adoption delay due to learning curve

  • Transparent DevOps

    Transparent DevOps

    means higher accountability and
    faster recovery

Container delivery workflow with HyScale


Continuous Delivery in the world of Containers


Role of Kubernetes & Docker for App Delivery


Kubernetes is only
half the story

Not a platform that just works,
but works for you

Extended play

Platform support plus custom engineering support

No prerequisites

Set-up container driven app delivery even without an in-house DevOps team.

Production grade

Built for the scale and volume of enterprise workloads

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