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WaveMaker offers an App Modernization Service that enables a hassle free journey of transforming your Oracle Forms Apps from any stage to a modern responsive web based application. With Wavemaker and its associated services, the App modernization journey is highly simplified and accelerated. WaveMaker has a proven track record, expertise and talented resource pool that have helped Fortune 100 companies successfully modernize their applications.

WaveMaker’s Approach to Oracle Forms Modernization

Analyze enterprise systems

Identify Oracle form app/apps of modernization

Pre-modernization analysis of Oracle forms apps for Menu, Forms & SQL/object libraries and inspect areas of archiving and cleanup

Reuse and recreate

Develop the new application and validate for functionality and scalability

Continuous release management

Manage app lifecycle

Create multiple stages of the deployment pipeline automate app ‘go-live’

Deploy & provision app to On-Premise/Hybrid, Public as well as Multi Clouds

Hosting and Maintenance

Manage and maintain as per SLA

Support updates to app and the underlying infrastructure

  • Accelerated by the platform
  • WaveMaker Services
“Oracle Forms is proprietary and cost a fortune. WaveMaker is open source and really easy to use, while still allowing access to the underlying Java code!”
– Tom Gleeson (Gleeson IT)

Why Modernize Oracle Forms Apps with WaveMaker?

Most Oracle Forms applications undergoing modernization have a dated UI and business logic. This means, for modernization benefits to kick-in, you need to handle both the UI and the functionality of the applications. WaveMaker can help you handle both by working out a way to quickly replace UI and reuse functionalities. With WaveMaker, Oracle form modernization isn’t a namesake, it actually benefits your business.


Using WaveMaker, the entire UI, backend logic and database integrations can be mapped and developed quickly. This accelerates the time taken to modernize Oracle forms and reports.


WaveMaker supports reuse of existing assets like Database logic, Stored Procedures, SQL/PL libraries and Application Data from your existing Oracle Forms Application. This saves a lot of effort spent on new development.

“Everything about WaveMaker is easier than Oracle forms. We built an interactive reporting application using WaveMaker that took 80% less time and 80% less code than it would take in Oracle forms.”
-Eliecer Daza, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Oracle Forms Migration of a Major Textile firm

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