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WaveMaker services offer your enterprise a hassle-free way to transform Lotus Notes apps from any stage to a modern UI rich Java-based application. WaveMaker has a proven track record, expertise, and resources that have helped Fortune 100 companies successfully modernize their applications.

Let the Experts Plan and Modernize Your Lotus Notes/Domino Apps

Lotus Notes typically is migrated in two key phases: 1) Email first, and then 2) Custom Apps built in Lotus Notes/Domino.  “Email” really includes the all the personal productivity capabilities, including calendaring, contacts, tasks, SameTime, etc.  And “Apps” refers to all the custom applications built using Lotus Notes, which can number in the thousands for larger companies.  It can be difficult to know how many apps an organization has, which are unique, who uses them, and how critical are they.

App Migration

We can engage with you at any phase of your Lotus Notes app migration from pre-planning to actual app migration.

WaveMaker Revamps Your Lotus Notes Apps

Transforming Lotus notes apps is never easy when you consider the individual elements that need to be mapped right from the client side, UI side, Security angle, Backend function and services, and finally reusing the data and business logic of the application. As described in the illustration, WaveMaker accomodates and transforms each element of the Lotus Note app.

Business factors will typically drive whether to co-exist existing Notes apps, migrate data and/or business logic, rebuild front-ends and if/how to sunset the apps.

Lotus Notes capabilities map to equivalent WaveMaker capabilities based on more open standards like JavaScript, REST, and Java.

Modernize Lotus Notes Applications

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