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WaveMaker 6.6.1 M3

The WaveMaker development team announces the availability of WaveMaker 6.6.1 M3. This release focuses on some issues in Jira. The release branch is 6.6.1M3_Release. Check out the WaveMaker 6.6.1 M3... read more →

WaveMaker 6.6.0 M3

The WaveMaker development team is proud to announce the availability of WaveMaker 6.6.0 M3, the third milestone of 6.6.0 release. This release is focused on closing many backlog issues in... read more →

WaveMaker Update

We have been working hard to close many backlog issues in Jira. We have created a 6.6.0 M3 branch in GitHub (https://github.com/cloudjee/wavemaker/tree/6.6M3_Release).  WaveMaker 6.6.0 M3, the third milestone of the... read more →

Websites Migration Downtime

Hi All, We are in the process of migrating the community websites to new servers at CloudJee. We expect a downtime of Forums and JIRA on June 10th, Monday starting... read more →

In Transition

We are aware that some  links on the WaveMaker site are not working (e.g., some product demo links). We are looking into this and will let you know once resolved.... read more →

CloudJee, Inc.

Greetings WaveMaker Community! As follow-up to Pramati’s acquisition of WaveMaker and Chris Keene’s introduction earlier this month, today, I am proud to announce CloudJee, Inc. (cloudjee.com), a spin-off from Pramati... read more →

Pramati Acquires WaveMaker

It is my pleasure to announce that as of May 1, 2013, Pramati, a software technology firm that offers its customers products and services for software development, especially for Java... read more →
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