WaveMaker helps deliver modern, multi-device apps on an open standards platform

Developer Challenges

“I want to quickly build applications with great UI that work on multiple devices. But I have limited front-end and mobile development expertise.”
Toby EdwardsDeveloper

4 Reasons Why Developers Prefer WaveMaker

Dramatically improve productivity

With WaveMaker Rapid Application Development, developers can build apps 67% faster and with 80% less code. WaveMaker visual RAD automatically adapts for various devices like smartphones and tablets that means developers have to create apps only once. Literally with a single-click, developers can deploy and run applications on a scalable cloud infrastructure for global user access on any device.

Flexible and maintainable

WaveMaker applications are modular and built using de facto standards including AngularJS JavaScript MVC framework for client-side components and Java, Spring and Hibernate for the backend. Code generated by WaveMaker’s WYSIWYG Visual RAD Studio can be easily extended or maintained using any other popular IDE like Eclipse or even a text editor.

No vendor lock-in

The code generated by WaveMaker Studio is editable without WaveMaker Studio, so if need be, developers can always maintain, even enhance Studio-created applications without Studio. Moreover, WaveMaker Studio is Open Source and has over 40,000+ community members all over the world.

Integrate easily with internal and external services

WaveMaker provides easy integration with SOAP, REST and FEED services. WaveMaker applications can also automatically publish their own REST APIs for easy integration by other apps. Additionally, WaveMaker offers API-specific “Prefabs” for drag & drop use and re-use in application development. These Prefabs are custom-built components for implementing specific business functionality around one or more APIs. Prefabs hide the integration complexities and promote standardization.

IT Architects:

WaveMaker offers standards-based rapid app delivery platform that leverages Docker

IT Architect Challenges

“I want to quickly create a Docker-based private cloud platform, which can lower cost, enforce IT sanctioned software use and also offer self-service to the enterprise app developers.”
Alan ScottIT Architect

Top 5 Benefits for Enterprise Architects

Enterprise Standards-based

WaveMaker-built applications use enterprise standards such as JS JavaScript MVC framework for client-side development and Java, Spring and Hibernate for backend development. The generated code is highly modular and allows for extensibility.

Integrate with Enterprise IT Systems

WaveMaker allows enterprises to integrate with on-premises core IT systems such as Identity Management, Version Control, Email, etc., resulting in better governance and control of the overall environment.

Instant provisioning of Docker containers with customized software stacks

WaveMaker supports on-demand provisioning of lightweight Docker containers with customized software stacks. This provides the user with the flexibility to pick and choose the software stacks required for the app.

Enables MicroServices Architecture based apps

WaveMaker provides an infrastructure that allows applications to be deployed in independent Docker containers enabling MicroServices based architecture

Seamless app upgrades

WaveMaker allows multiple versions of app to coexist in different Docker containers enabling seamless upgrades to newer app versions and ensuring business continuity.

Business Managers:

WaveMaker makes it incredibly easy to develop and run enterprise applications

Business Manager Challenges

“I need a faster way to create apps that respond to business needs. I don’t have time to wait for IT to deliver the apps.”
Susan WalkerBusiness Manager

4 Ways WaveMaker Empowers Business Managers

Easily develop and run enterprise applications

WaveMaker’s simple WYSIWYG, drag & drop environment enables non-programmers to single-handedly build and deploy modern, browser-based, multi-device applications. For example, a business expert can quickly build applications while focusing on the business needs and overall user experience without having to worry about the underlying technology used to build and run the apps.

Create web applications that IT will accept

Don’t get in trouble using unsanctioned technologies. WaveMaker automatically generates application code that adheres to popular enterprise technology standards (like Java, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS) and best practices.

Simplify and accelerate API re-use via modular API components

WaveMaker offers API-specific “Prefabs” for drag & drop use and re-use in application development. These Prefabs are custom built components for implementing specific business functionality around one or more APIs. Prefabs hide the integration complexities and promote standardization.

Run apps with a single-click

Just click “Deploy” to instantly make your application available to your end users. No infrastructure to setup to run your apps, no downloading and uploading of WAR files, no DevOps skills needed, no need to create and manage virtual machines or Amazon instances, WaveMaker takes care of all that for you.


WaveMaker enables you to accelerate innovation by simplifying custom app delivery

CIO Challenges

“I want to remove the bottlenecks in delivery of business apps and ensure capital expenditure is utilized effectively.”

Patrick CohanCIO

5 Reasons CIOs Choose WaveMaker For Innovation

Speeds innovation via rapid app delivery

Applications are critical enablers for fostering and capturing innovative processes throughout the business. WaveMaker reduces multiple friction points in building and operating applications within an enterprise by delivering a private platform for zero-DevOps, API-driven development of enterprise apps.

Based on enterprise standards

WaveMaker applications are full standards compliant without any proprietary dependencies. This enables greater innovation and faster time to market applications.

Lower TCO through Docker based private cloud

WaveMaker uses lightweight Docker Based Containerization model for deploying and running applications. This technology provides low cost of ownership as it can run 2-3 times the load of a comparable Virtualization solution and significantly lower licensing cost.

Enables the concept of composable enterprise

Enables the creation of apps based on MicroServices Architecture, thereby, making the idea of composable enterprise a reality

No vendor lock-in

WaveMaker builds apps on standard technologies including Java, Spring, Hibernate and AngularJS. Generated code can be edited easily in any IDE or Notepad.