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What ISVs can do with WaveMaker


Launch deeply personalized greenfield banking solutions with our "freedom of code" approach

Application Modernization


Build customized products with our reusable prefabs and  components for much faster roll outs


Build custom logic, utilize all the existing investment on our
API-enabled platform to transform quickly


Bundle existing products with our white-labeled platform and create easily customizable custom studios

Why WaveMaker

Our priorities for you (Read: ISVs) have taken shape after years of experience and several
experiments done together, specifically in the banking space. Here’s what we think they are…
For complete control and
ownership of code, artifacts, and infrastructure

WaveMaker accelerates product development, with no lock-in to the platform afterwards. Teams can comfortably work with our standards-based real code  that allows them to extend and modify code across app layers

For easy maintenance
and faster product upgrade roll out

Products and applications rolled out on WaveMaker require minimal effort from development to production. They can be easily certified, maintained and continually upgraded by IT teams

To be able to bundle existing
offerings with a cost-effective

WaveMaker can bundle up with existing products to give a competitive advantage; and offers a sustainable licensing model that makes the end solutions far less expensive as they scale

To build full-stack,
agile, and cross-functional
teams at low costs

WaveMaker has low training needs, supports full-stack development, and encourages better resource management, enabling a way to deliver a lot more with smaller, more agile teams

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Real customer story

A Fortune 500 fintech company builds a disruptive banking system

A leading financial services company with more than 50,000 employees was looking for a solution to quickly onboard banks in different geographies with complex compliance requirements. Customization was difficult on their existing low-code platform. They needed a cloud based digital banking solution that could easily consume their platform APIs and deliver a highly differentiated brand and banking as a service experience.

PoCs showed
80% less coding
than hand-crafting

Seamless deployment
to AWS in one-click
from WM studio

Consumer banking low-code application rolled out after a 3-month agile project run

Downstream solutions built
using the plug-n-play model
for bank customers