Why modernize your applications?

Improve customer experience and engagement with modern applications

Leverage cloud economics & flexibility. Meet customer demands faster

Reduce support and maintenance costs. Be flexible to future changes

Standard approach to app modernization can’t keep up at digital speeds

Slow. Expensive. Rigid

App modernization with WaveMaker

Faster. Economical. Flexible.

Agile execution using low-code platform results in faster and continuous delivery of projects

Costs are considerably lower with use of standard components and reduced testing

Future changes and enhancements are baked into project deliverable

Enabling enterprises to ‘wrap and modernize’


  • Create Proof of Concept (PoC) requirements
  • Execute PoC in a low-code platform
  • Hold detailed discussions around platform, technology and services to meet customer long-term needs


  • Capture business and technical requirements
  • Improve existing workflows
  • Build mocks for new workflows and user interactions
  • Create long-term plan for future changes and maintenance


  • Estimate breakdown by capabilities
  • Execute plans with milestones
  • Execute with onsite and offsite teams
  • Implement Agile methodology: 4-week sprints and continuous delivery
  • Complete QA, UAT, and Sign-offs


  • Setup mutually agreed warranty period
  • Implement training and customer support
  • Monitor and implement capability changes, data-quality checks, report validations
  • Low-code platform licensing for longer-term maintenance
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WaveMaker low-code platform advantage

API integration made easy

Visual, drag-and-drop app dev platform

Full cycle, continuous delivery

Extensible, maintainable code base

Full onsite and offsite services

Open standards with
no vendor lock-in

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