Develop, promote and manage your API

For API publishing:

  • API owners can upload, document and make APIs visible. WaveMaker uses Swagger-enabled REST APIs for this purpose.
  • Product managers can easily publish APIs and apply business relevant policies to manage the external consumption of the APIs.
  • Operational administrators can monitor the consumption of the APIs in real time, providing rich business insights.

For API consumption:

  • Partners as well as third party developers can choose various API subscription plans based on consumption needs. They can easily onboard applications and generate required keys to consume APIs within their apps.
  • App developers can browse, list, test and understand Published API behavior.
  • App developers can use the visual drag-and-drop Rapid Application Development methodology of WaveMaker Studio to simplify the consumption of APIs and greatly reduce the effort of developing custom apps, thus solving the last mile problem for API consumption.
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