API Success Suite

Comprehensive API Management Platform
for a Successful Enterprise API Program

Develop, promote and manage your API

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Api management platform

API Sandbox

Build, test Apps independent of Service availability

API Promotion Platform

Build the community of Apps. Promote your API through Hackathons

API Gateway

Manage the API Service at runtime.

WaveMaker API Gateway

Comprehensive features, enterprise use case, Simple pricing

WaveMaker Gateway helps an Enterprise to deploy production ready APIs and provide full governance, security, versioning, rate limiting, metering and usage analytics. Most API Management products are priced ( #API calls) for the consumer web, but WaveMaker API Gateway is priced on fixed annual fee calculated on #endpoints published.

API Publish

API Portal

App and developer registration, API key generation and plan subscription are common features of this web portal

Swagger Ready

Supports describing, producing, consuming and visualizing RESTful web services using Swagger, the most popular specification standard

API Versioning

Supports various stages of API Lifecycle (Publish, Update, Deprecate and Sunset) for better management and governance

API Manage

Policy Management

Create fine-grained policies for API Metering, Rate Limiting, Throttling, and Notification. Use default policies or override to apply custom policies.

Low Latency

Provides API Proxy that can scale to handle millions of API requests per day. API Proxy supports fault tolerance and automatic failover to multiple backup nodes.

Security and OAuth

Provides OAuth 2.0 authorization, OpenID Connect and HMAC-based authentication. Protection against cross-site scripting, SQL injections and brute force attacks


Comprehensive dashboards and reports about API usage along with business/operational analytics to API Publishers and API usage Metrics to API Consumers

Enterprise Integration

Integrate with enterprise identity management (IAM) solutions to utilize corporate data for administrative access control as well as for Role Based Access Control of APIs


Automatic API and data transformation capabilities to accept incoming REST request and invoke SOAP API on the backend and vice versa

API Subscribe

Seamless Onboarding

Web-based portal for Application Developers to explore, browse, invoke, test and subscribe to published APIs.

API Key Generation

API Keys on behalf of API Clients and provides (generation, revocation and refresh) capabilities to enable secure access.

App Registration

App Developers can register their apps and obtain API Keys required to access APIs published in a secure fashion

Gateway Eval

Free30 days

Full capability product

Easy install Virtual Machine

Eval Support

Unlimited #API Endpoint

Unlimited #API Calls

Unlimited #API keys

Unlimited #subscribers

Gateway Starter


Full capability product

Easy install Virtual Machine

Standard Email Support 

500 #API Endpoint*

Unlimited #API Calls

Unlimited #API keys

Unlimited #subscribers

Gateway Custom


Full capability product

Easy install Virtual Machine

Standard Email Support 

Custom #API Endpoint

Unlimited #API Calls

Unlimited #API keys

Unlimited #subscribers

* What is an API Endpoint?
An API Endpoint is a remote callable method (or service) that would be used in client Apps. The total number of Endpoints is an indicator of the size of API program and not the level of its usage.

Turbocharge API Consumption

API Launch needs promotion to the App developer community

Faster App Creation67%
Less Code85%
Completed Apps70%
“The success, or failure, of your exposed APIs is only as good as the quality of the applications produced and delivered on top of them.”

– Israel Gat, Fellow and Director, Cutter Agile Product & Project Management Practice

Find out how developers dramatically reduced the time to build connected car apps by using WaveMaker Prefabs at the Apps World Hackathon.

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WaveMaker enables App developers to easily integrate APIs and visually bind data so that they can rapidly develop responsive web and hybrid mobile Apps. WaveMaker enables developer events (Hackathons, Codefests) to promote APIs.

Fast and Easy Apps

WaveMaker RAD platform combines browser-based,  drag-n-drop app creation with the power of continuos integration cloud (private for your event) making it super easy to build apps that use your APIs. Create functional components around your API (called ‘prefabs’), that developers can easily drag & drop into their applications.

Broaden API Consumption

Why limit use of your APIs to developers?  WaveMaker’s easy WYSIWYG development environment empowers a much larger community to build apps around your APIs.

Get Hackathon Ready

Spin up hackathons that are customized for your APIs at a moment’s notice using WaveMaker Hackathon Platform. Generate fresh ideas and apps.

Simplify API Sandboxing

WaveMaker API Sandbox removes the bottleneck in testing modern, API-driven Apps by providing convenient way to mock REST API and provide test data relevant for the service.

Auto generation of Data

Automatically generate data for mock web services based on Swagger API documentation enables App developers (Northbound) to build in parallel with API implementation or service (Southbound)

Intelligent API mock service

API Mock service is designed to serve REST responses from an API Sandbox, including data and error responses, that enables App developers build their App to an API specification without the actual service being used.

Service Virtualization

Emulate APIs before they are available by using virtual services as a stand-ins. Developers can begin testing almost immediately and apps are in sync with the API release cycles.

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