API design and publishing

Loosen up or lose out

The bulk of software that you use today is hard wired for predictability and control - they need to loosen up because the markets have become unpredictable, and APIs can give you a jumpstart.

Enterprise as a platform is the future. Where do you start today?

Start thinking like a platform business with APIs

Reorient your hierarchies
as networks

Focus on empowering
not on control

Promote experimentation
over planning

API design and publishing with WaveMaker

API design and publishing service is a result of WaveMaker’s deep expertise in driving API initiatives for global companies. Our approach to API is balanced – While the API design consulting helps you in deciding which enterprise assets need to be exposed and for what audience, the platform helps automate API endpoint creation and API adoption considerations like availability, documentation, scalability and access.

Apiculus consulting

Our API designers will help you expose your legacy data as APIs and optimise them for consumption using best practices and pragmatism

Apiculus API Platform

API publishing
API grouping, versioning and granular policy templates with support for Swagger, RAML, WSDL and more

API Discovery
Enable app development. Our API platform offers a Web-based portal for application developers to explore, browse, invoke, test and subscribe to published APIs.

API Subscription
Subscription, API key management and API documentation features for developer onboarding and engagement

Big ideas are already here. You only need a way to action them.

WaveMaker API services helps you tap into all your big idea sources like legacy systems, existing apps and existing APIs. The API platform makes the entire task simple and fast.

Tap into enterprise data and core systems
  • Wavemaker API platform auto generates APIs for your DB, custom coded business logic, security and external services. Additionally, configure APIs via a visual environment.
  • Describe, producing, consuming and visualizing RESTful web services using Swagger, the most popular specification standard
Extend functionalities of existing apps
  • Wavemaker API platform has the widely used SaaS, database, and authentication integrations out-of-the-box. Use them to enhance existing applications or on-board additional REST APIs instantly.
  • Integrate with enterprise identity management (IAM) solutions to utilize corporate data for administrative access control as well as for Role Based Access Control of APIs
  • Create functional components around existing API (called ‘prefabs’), that developers can easily drag & drop into their applications.
Manage and drive adoption of existing APIs
  • Automate API policy, documentation, security and scalability.
  • Provide API Proxy that can scale to handle millions of API requests per day. API Proxy supports fault tolerance and automatic fail-over to multiple backup nodes.
  • Create a dev-portal to increase adoption of internal APIs, an API marketplace for external adoption and API Sandbox to test apps independent of service availability.
  • Automate API and data transformation capabilities to accept incoming REST request and invoke SOAP API on the back-end and vice versa

Enterprise application delivery in the API era

With the dawn of cloud computing and proliferation of apps, companies are exchanging data and services at an evergrowing rate. APIs can increase agility by de-coupling and exposing business processes. The future RESTful APIs will drive not only the exchange of data but also influence enterprise architecture

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