September 16, 2014

Introducing WaveMaker Enterprise

WaveMakers, if you have been following our journey for the last few quarters, the WaveMaker Team was intensely working on taking WaveMaker to the next level. And we are proud to announce the latest milestone in that journey - the release of WaveMaker Enterprise.

WaveMaker Enterprise is a complete software platform for rapidly developing and efficiently running enterprise custom, responsive, web apps using enterprise-grade technologies on private or public infrastructure.

Rapid application development
Rapid application development remains the keystone at WaveMaker. WaveMaker Studio provides a visual development environment, making custom enterprise app development a breeze. And with WaveMaker Enterprise, you get the latest version of WaveMaker Studio. Studio 7 is one of the most significant releases of WaveMaker in the past few years, if not ever. It includes many new features and upgrades such as:
- modern frameworks such as AngularJS and Bootstrap CSS;
- Prefabs - reusable API parts that you can drag and drop;
- brand new WYSIWYG Data Model Designer;
- Smart Layouts that automatically make all your apps mobile-ready;
- data visualization using charts, filters, and live widgets; and
- a lot more

Deployment to Docker-architected cloud
WaveMaker Enterprise also includes WaveMaker Cloud, which provides simplified Docker container management to deploy and manage your custom enterprise apps. Docker provides the basic building blocks to optimize custom app workloads but requires a well-architected Docker management platform to reap and amplify the benefits. While Docker caught a whole lot of buzz in the enterprise tech industry only recently, we have been working on Docker for well over a year now to build a platform to extract the value out of Docker. During the WaveMaker Cloud beta, we found that Docker provided us 30x the VM density, 50-100x better performance, and also 80% cost savings. And we are offering a Docker-architected cloud through the WaveMaker Enterprise platform.

Free trial at
Today, as we announce the release of WaveMaker Enterprise, we are also making available a free trial version of the software at WaveMakerOnline. You can sign up with your work email for free, invite co-workers, and start creating apps for your organization.

Existing users who have helped us by trying out WaveMaker Studio and WaveMaker Cloud Beta will notice that they will be redirected to WaveMaker Online. Your projects too would be migrated to the new platform. If you have been having trouble accessing Studio and Cloud in the last few hours (Refer to the downtime announcement on Twitter, Facebook, and our Forums), it is because we were in the final sprint of a long journey.

If you would like to know more about today's release, do join us for the webinar that starts in less than an hour from now. Register for the webinar here. Update: In case you missed it, watch the recording of the webinar here.

As always, you can contact us at or via our Forums.