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Moving to the speed of the markets requires agility. The speed of innovation is enticing yet hard to realize in the enterprise, inhibited by incumbent application architectures and hoarding of data by departments. But new possibilities are emerging with micro-services and containers in a hybrid cloud environment. With the advent of API superglue, technology is helping enterprises unlock data and innovate business processes. Open your enterprise to these emerging possibilities and make your business agile with Agility Cloud.

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How Agility Cloud can help

Markets have become complex and businesses, increasingly software driven. Agility Cloud offers enterprises the technology and necessary expertise around it to help them navigate this new software-driven landscape, and meet their need for speed.

De-silo departments

Incumbent applications and data silos impede true transformation. We study where data silos are, and tap them by designing appropriate APIs; keeping in mind business rules, security, and scaling requirements. Once published, you can serve and monitor your APIs via the WaveMaker Apiculus gateway.

Apiculus | API gateway and management

Our custom tool for API publishing, management, subscription, and analytics

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Develop business apps fast

Every business situation is unique. Why should business apps be any different? WaveMaker Rapid helps you build custom data-driven applications using a visual, low-code RAD platoform with built-in developer cloud containers. With custom prefabs, widgets, and templates that help make your apps beautiful, purposeful, and fast, business app making is a snap.

Rapid | Low-code App Development

Rapid is the fastest and the most economical way to build web and mobile app for your business.

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Deploy apps at scale

Move your existing applications to the cloud using containers that make it easy to lift and shift apps into cloud. WaveMaker Hyscale provides the automation, orchestration, and scaling to keep the apps continuously refreshed and available. All this is under the hood, so that you focus on app delivery and work with any cloud provider.

HyScale | Automated DevOps

Our custom tool that leverages container technology to fully automate packaging, provisioning, set-up, and orchestration of your apps.

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Distribute across the enterprise

Microapps are recomposing large business apps. They have one or two functions, allow users to solve a precise problem or meet a specific need. This has opened a way for enterprises to mass personalize customer experiences. Most users also expect to conduct business on their phones. WaveMaker OnePoint puts microapps in the hands of device users the moment they are shipped.

OnePoint | App Distribution Management

Our custom tool to systematically expose all your apps into one unified endpoint. Critical app parameters like security, access, and governance can be centrally controlled.

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Become a programmable business

Make the shift to becoming a ‘programmable business’. This emerging new breed of enterprise is a fluid ecosystem of connected software services, devices, and business logic that can be ‘re-programmed’ continuously to changing market needs. Agility Cloud can help you create an IT architecture that is distributed and highly collaborative but based on controls and governance. Making your enterprise ‘programmable’ gives it the necessary resilience to navigate a marketplace that is rapidly becoming digital and dynamic.

How Agility Cloud works

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