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WaveMaker Updates – The New Year so far

Hello WaveMaker Community,

With this post, we’d like to update you on what has kept us occupied since the New Year.

Community Platform

We are working towards modernizing our community platform. This includes migrating Community Forum from Drupal 5.7 to Drupal 6.3, upgrading WordPress to the latest version (3.8.1) by the end of March 2014.

Recently we enabled “Skip CAPTCHA” in the forum for trusted Community members. Community members will now be able to report spam posts using a new ‘Report Spam’ feature. We upgraded our Mail Delivery system so that user registrations and subscription emails will be delivered faster than before to your inbox.

WaveMaker 6.7

We’ve had some great feedback on our 6.7 Beta and “WaveMaker Cloud™” to create and deploy powerful Cloud-ready web apps with a single click. We would like to thank the 900+ beta developers across 70+ countries for trying WaveMaker Cloud and providing us with valuable feedback. Check out the below infographic about how the WaveMaker Cloud has gone so far. Also, WaveMaker 6.7 GA has just been released.

WaveMaker Professional Services

We have been providing WaveMaker Services like Support, Training, Low code Application Development, and Professional Services. Recently we worked with clients to build their Test Management Systems and Asset Management Systems using WaveMaker 6.x. If interested in these services, please email us at

WaveMaker offered by AWS Marketplace

We are glad to share that AWS now offers WaveMaker on its marketplace. Marketplaces such as AWS widen WaveMaker’s reach via their large customer base and simplify delivery via pre-built machine images. Here’s the WaveMaker listing on AWS Marketplace.

WaveMaker 7.0

We’ve devoted dozens of developers to work on WaveMaker 7.0. An internal preview was seen in December, even with examples of our new Prefabs, including Prefabs for posting to eBay and Facebook. In days, we will start our alpha testing and will open up beta testing to select users in April. We are striving to make sure replacing Dojo with AngularJS does not impact the user experience with the WaveMaker Studio. In fact, we hope WaveMaker 7.0 enables users to create and deploy applications faster than ever before.

With the planned revamp of the website next month, we will also unveil our expansion of the WaveMaker brand and product line. Stay tuned for more updates.

Vevek Pandian
WaveMaker Community Manager

UPDATE: 23 June 2014 -Updated WaveMaker Cloud Beta infographic and statistics.

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Announcing the release of WaveMaker 6.7.0

The WaveMaker team is pleased to announce the release of WaveMaker 6.7.0 RELEASE, the latest release to the WaveMaker 6.7.x family.

The release branch is 6.7.0_RELEASE. Check out the WaveMaker 6.7.0 RELEASE Release Notes for further details and then download WaveMaker 6.7.0 RELEASE.

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WaveMaker Forum – Service Disruption

Hi All,

I want to post a quick update and apologize for the inconvenience caused. We had some issues with the WaveMaker production server. A technical issue in the Cache module caused service disruption from yesterday afternoon (Feb 3 2014). Our Engineering team fixed the issue and appropriate measures are taken to prevent this from happening in the future.

Due to this issue we have lost 6 posts with comments. We would like you to check your posts and comments you made between Feb-3-2014:1.30pm UTC and Feb-3-2014:6.30am UTC. Please recreate your missing posts and comments made during the above time period.

Vevek Pandian
WaveMaker Community Manager