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How to Build a Web Application in six simple steps, using Our RAD Platform

Make it awesome

Design responsive web applications using beautiful templates and themes

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web templates


Jump start your application design with inbuilt app templates that range from dashboards to login pages


A large collection of themes that ensure consistent experience across pages and UI elements

Data Visualization

Powerful charting capabilities, including out-of-the-box chart widgets that enable visual insight into data

rapid application development
Make it connected

Import databases, APIs and web services with ease

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rapid application development


Visually edit or create the data model, relationships and database constraints. Import existing database schema with support for multiple database platforms.


Allows easy integration with web services APIs (REST and SOAP) and enables API-based app development. Additionally, apps can automatically publish their own REST APIs for easy integration by other apps.


Mash up an app using reusable, independent and tested micro apps that abstract API consumption complexity. Create and share Prefabs for your business logic.
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Make it secure

Authentication and roles with the flick of a button

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Authentication Providers

Easily setup user authentication from any data source that stores user id and passwords such as a database, LDAP, Active Directory or any custom authentication mechanism.

Role-based Access Control

Control the application behavior based on the user’s role with a simple three-step process of defining the roles, assigning these roles to users and then setting the access levels to various pages, services and widgets of the app.


Ensure higher level of security with a single click to enforce SSL.
Make it yours

Customize and extend markup, script and styles

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Properties and Styles

Change the UI and properties of all the widgets intuitively – without writing any code. Set up navigation and behavior based on user actions or events.

Markup and Scripting

Professional developers can make code changes to the HTML markup, Javascript and write Java services to modify the application based on business logic or workflow.

Export and Extend

The standards-based generated code is Maven compliant and can be edited easily
in any IDE. The entire project can be exported as a ZIP or WAR file.
rapid application development platform
Make it fly

1-click test and deployment

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rad platform

1-Click Test and Deploy

Preview application on multiple resolutions and devices. Deploy with a single click or export as WAR for manual deployment.

Deployment Profiles

Deploy multiple versions of your application to deployment targets such as development and production.

Public, Private or On-premise

Apps built can be deployed to Public cloud of your choice with in-built support to provision instances on AWS and deploy to any Private Cloud.

Your WaveMaker app is powered by the same technologies that millions of professional developers rely on