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Enterprise Developer Network (EDN) Team Capabilities Available - Available
Rapid Application Development Access data behind firewall - Available Available
Cloud and Docker Management Docker private cloud - - tick_yes

Detailed Comparison

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Rapid Application Development Application Development
Rapid Visual Development Available Available tick_yes
Automatic Multi-Device Support Available Available tick_yes
Advanced Data Visualization Available Available tick_yes
API Integration with Prefabs Available Available tick_yes
Enterprise Developer Network (EDN) Team App Development
Project Collaboration Available  - Available
Cross-domain Collaboration Available  - Available
Version Control Integration Available  - Available
API Build API Build
API Designer Available  - Available
API Explorer Available  - Available
Application Deployment Application Deployment
1-click Automatic Deployment Available  - Available
App Hosting Options Public Cloud Manual (Export as WAR) On-Premise
Cloud and Docker Management Cloud and Docker Management
Custom Application Workloads  -  - Available
Simplified Container Management  -  - Available
Optimal Resource Allocation  -  - Available
Easy Versioning and Upgrade  -  - Available
On-demand Resource Provisioning  -  - Available
Enterprise Setup and Administration Enterprise Setup and Administration
User Management  -  - Available
Access Management  -  - Available
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