WaveMaker helps 3i Infotech’s insurance management software make a quantum leap in its usability, discoverability, and aesthetics.


The insurance management software required us to provide data security, secured API access, prevent URL tampering and other vulnerabilities. The data needed to have access control where information can be accessed by authorized personnel and  agents could access only their customer data.The usability needed to be improved as well keeping in mind there are two different types of users.  Improvements in UI, which supported client customization with respect to branding and theme changes needed to be developed from an aesthetic stand point. 


User Experience  (Improved usability and discover-ability)

The designs were generic which ensured easy adapting for different customers and also being adaptive to different scenarios. Discover-ability was improved by adding quick action and information on the dashboard. This information helps the user make quicker decisions. Reminders were added wherever necessary to ensure that everything is kept on track.


The UI was developed keeping  UI rendering in mind. Token key for security (generated uniquely for each session) and secured APIs are accessed only using the generated token keys. The token key were enabled with an expiry time. Parameter  tampering was avoided by taking user id details from the token key instead of passing it over request. Vulnerability tests were done and all scenarios were covered in the development.Generic API structure design to allow 3i Infotech to customize the Premia solution for different clients with less effort, less code and more binding options helps in easy customization.


With improved usability it has become easier for new users to adapt. The design change has also reduced the training effort by at least 40% for the agents. With better binding it has become easier for 3i Infotech to customize as per their needs.

Reduction in Training40%

We chose wavemaker to improve our existing insurance management software “Premia” on the grounds of usability, discover-ability and aesthetics

Snehal Desai , Global Pre-Sales Head

About 3i Infotech 

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