Flanagan modernizes online ordering application with reuse of existing PL/SQL backend in merely 6 weeks with WaveMaker , improving the experience and productivity of their users.


Flanagan’s existing application was  implemented many years ago when online ordering and shopping cart designs were still fledging. Applets used in the applications not only made it less usable, but some of the major browsers stopped supporting Applets completely. In a nutshell , the application they used was not user-friendly.Flanagan was looking to replace existing application with a modern and responsive interface. They were aware that modern apps were more usable and provided better user experience.  Since modern apps and UI resources were expensive, Flanagan was looking for a rapid application platform which could reuse backend services and data that they have used over the years.


After careful evaluation of multiple platforms, Flanagan decided to choose WaveMaker Rapid Application Delivery (RAD). They chose WaveMaker for these reasons:

  • Visual development and little manual coding
  • Ability to build responsive applications that worked on multiple browsers and devices
  • Availability of widgets, styles and code generation to speed up delivery
  • Reuse of existing Flanagan databases and Stored Procedures
  • One click deployment to Flanagan hosted servers.

To help with migration, Flanagan decided to go with WaveMaker’s Jumpstart Professional Services. This helped Flanagan quickly evaluate important features and helped them implement core parts of functionality within a week.

Impressed by WaveMaker RAD platform and the Jumpstart service, Flanagan not only licensed the platform, but also extended WaveMaker Professional Services to complete the application. In addition, Flanagan picked up most of the WaveMaker skills needed to manage and maintain application by themselves, which has helped them keep maintenance costs to a minimum.


Using WaveMaker RAD platform and Professional Services, Flanagan completely modernised their existing Oracle forms application in under 6 weeks. With Flanagan’s backend logic already available, Flanagan leveraged WaveMaker’s RAD platform to redevelop the entire front-end and greatly reduced future cost of maintenance and operation.  Flanagan was able to deliver modern app in half the time and budget compared to a more traditional migration.

Flanagan was moving its complex Oracle Forms based application to a Web based responsive Ordering System. WaveMaker Low-Code platform provided more than what we were expecting. After evaluating multiple low-code platforms in the market, we decided to go with WaveMaker. It just simply beat its competition through its simple yet intuitive visual app building. The icing on the cake was WaveMaker’s adoption of open standards to build applications, which took away all aspects of vendor lock-in. We were so delighted that we decided to license and engage their professional services for more work. Their experts were technically savvy, picked up on a lot of things on their own, asked relevant questions, when things were not 100% clear and accomplished quite a bit of work in one week.
Jerry Braga , Senior Programmer Analyst

About Flanagan

Flanagan is the largest, independent food service distributor in Canada. Flanagan offers full services to more than 6,000 restaurants and food service operations across the province of Ontario.Flanagan’s main business application is an online ordering of food services by their customers. The application was originally developed using Oracle Forms 10g/11g and using Oracle Fusion Middleware Application server. The application uses database persistent connections with client side SQL / PL SQL logic as well as calling database procedures / functions.