WaveMaker at SpringOne Next Week

October 18, 2011

As some of you may already know, WaveMaker will be at SpringOne next week.  If you’ll be in the Chicago area, come say hi!

On Thursday, October 27th, Derek Henninger and Ed Callahan will be presenting a session entitled Get Your Users to Build Apps for You (more details below) at the Magnificent Mile Marriott in Downtown Chicago.

And then, that evening, we’ll be holding a WaveMaker User MeetUp at the hotel’s Rush Bar and Lounge.

Currently, the schedule is as follows:

Get Your Users to Build Apps for You — SpringOne Conference

Imagine getting your users to build their own applications, particularly the form-based, CRUD-style applications, and easily deploy to Cloud Foundry. WaveMaker enables business developers to build Spring applications using a web-based, drag and drop interface. The resulting rich-web application leverages the full benefits of Spring and is fully tailorable through standard Spring patterns. Using ASTERIA WARP enterprise application integration product, we’ll demonstrate how your users can easily retrieve data from disparate sources including SalesForce.com as well as an Excel spreadsheet.

This session will describe the kinds of people who should build applications and the types of applications they can build. We’ll provide real world examples and demonstrate how seasoned Spring developers can extend and WaveMaker applications to meet enterprise requirements.

Starting at 7:30pm
WaveMaker User MeetUp — Rush Bar and Lounge

Hope you can make it!  We’d love to see you there.

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  1. Derek Henninger says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting some WaveMaker users tomorrow night. So you can spot us, I will be wearing a WaveMaker T-Shirt – blue with a wave logo on it. It actually says “Mavericks” on it, which was the code name for the very first release of what became WaveMaker.

    I believe Ed plans to wear a WaveMaker shirt as well so hopefully you’ll be able to spot us.

    – derek

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