WaveMaker 6.4.3 Release Candidate … Give Thanks

November 22, 2011

Admittedly I’m going to mix two topics into a single blog post: (1) the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and (2) the 6.4.3 release candidate.

WaveMaker 6.4.3 Release Candidate

This is the first time we’ve shipped a release candidate (RC). This is a genuine RC. That is, we do not plan further changes to 6.4. We decided on the RC because we made some fixes that we wanted to pass by the community before finalizing the release. Those of you that follow the forums may have noticed the thread on maximum results in database queries. Although reported very late in our release cycle, we decided this was necessary to fix before finalizing WaveMaker 6.4. The fix requires some upgrades to existing projects so we also enhanced the 6.4 project upgrade scripts as well. We felt it was necessary to go through a community review and testing process before releasing the GA. We plan to release the 6.4 GA in mid-December, pending positive feedback on the RC from the community.

We are managing the RC in the same manner as DevBuilds and Betas. The RC is available on the DevBuilds page. You must be a registered community member to access the DevBuildspage. For more information on 6.4 see the Release Notes.

I hope you find that 6.4.3 RC is not a turkey of a release.

Thanksgiving Wishes

The Thanksgiving holiday is often a time to reflect and, appropriately enough, give thanks. I’m thankful for the wonderful people I get to work with on a daily basis. I often commute via train and bicycle ~40 miles to come to San Francisco in order to work with a great team of people. The WaveMaker team is talented, enthusiastic, and committed and a pleasure to work with. I’m thankful for Ed’s ongoing support (to customers, to community, to the team, and to me), dedication, and humor (when I understand his jokes). I’m thankful to have Jeremy driving WaveMaker toward better architecture and leading us toward the best technologies available within SpringSource and VMware, including Cloud Foundry. I’m thankful for Michael’s dogged development and responsiveness to the community, not to mention his ability to slip puns into most conversations. I’m thankful for Seung’s persistence and willingness to slog through difficult problems. I’m thankful that Phil Webb has recently joined the team. (The Community will see the fruits of Phil’s labors in the 6.5 release.) I’m thankful for Chris’ never ending enthusiasm and drive for WaveMaker. I’m thankful to be part of VMware with supportive management who understand the vision and direction of WaveMaker.

Finally, I am thankful to the community of WaveMaker users. Thanks for using WaveMaker. Thanks for working with us to make WaveMaker a better product. Thanks for keeping us honest and pointing out weaknesses, flaws, and bugs. I am awed by your drive to build your applications. I am thrilled by your commitment to WaveMaker. Special thanks to those of you who are active participants in the community and have helped others by answering their questions; the community exists because of you. Thank you!

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